Proudly serving White Mountains and the surrounding area since 2017.

Take the first step towards a pest-free home! Get

$25 OFF your first project.

Proudly serving White Mountains and the surrounding area since 2017.


Take the first step towards a pest-free home! Get $25 OFF your first project.

Safe Pest, Rodent, and Weed Control Solutions Tailored for Your Peace of Mind.

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Family Owned & Locally Operated

Why Choose Adventure Pest & Wildlife?

Adventure Pest & Wildlife, your trusted choice for pest control in the White Mountains area since 2015, stands out with our unwavering commitment to safety, personalized service, and family-oriented approach, ensuring your peace of mind with reliable solutions.

Safe Solutions

Effective Pest Management

Local Family Care

Our methods prioritize safety, ensuring your loved ones and pets are protected.

Say goodbye to unwanted guests with our proven pest control techniques.

As a family business, we understand the importance of a pest-free home for your family's comfort and health.


Rodent Control

Say goodbye to pesky rodents with our expert removal and prevention services.


Pest Control

 Keep common household pests at bay with our effective and safe pest control solutions.


Bat Remediation

Safely remove and prevent bats from invading your home with our specialized techniques.


Wildlife Control

Ensure the safety of your property with our humane wildlife control services.


Weed Control

Maintain a pristine outdoor space with our efficient weed control solutions.

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Take the first step towards a pest-free property for your loved ones! Contact us today and get $25 OFF your first project.

"I just want to share that what an exceptional experience we have had with the team! We’re very satisfied with the performance our tech (Randy) does for us on a monthly basis. Not only does Randy spray for pest he also knocks down cob webs and looks to make sure there are no issues around the property… Highly recommend their service!"

Randy Kennedy

"I'm so glad to have Adventure Pest & Wildlife taking care of my house and yard. Since we moved in two years ago we have not had any problems. They are professional and convenient. They keep in contact with you about your upcoming service and you don't need to be there when they arrive. Ben serviced our yard yesterday and did an excellent job, as usual."

Susan Boss

"Alex serviced our home for pest control yesterday. He did a very thorough job inside and out! Every pest control company I’ve used says they knock down webs. Alex was the only one I’ve ever seen actually do this. From top to bottom! He was friendly and professional and on time! I highly recommend Sutton. I scheduled weed control service also after seeing what a fantastic job he did!"

Jeri Santos

Rodent Control

Comprehensive consultation, certifications from NWCOA, and expert exclusion work for rodent and wildlife control.

We prevent rodent damage by using chew-proof materials, repair any harm caused, and offer specialized cleanup and insulation services.

Rodents harbor diseases, necessitating caution in contaminated areas. Our technicians wear protective gear against HantaVirus and other health risks. With rising infestations, early detection is crucial. We offer trapping, long-term solutions, and Integrated Pest Management for effective rodent eradication.

We'll assess, seal, sanitize, and deploy various methods to tackle your rodent issue. Prevention tips include proper food storage and home maintenance.

Pest Control

Our standout: unmatched service! Top products, quarterly treatments for effective control, reducing family exposure, and ensuring superior results.

Using safe application protocols, we establish a protective barrier around your home, following Purdue University's pest control guidelines. 

Our treatment includes removing cobwebs and applying pet and child-friendly solutions outdoors. These products are safe to touch once dry, prioritizing safety for your family. We target common pests like spiders, ants, and centipedes while avoiding unnecessary indoor treatments. 

Additionally, we offer preventive tips such as yard maintenance and firewood storage to keep your home pest-free and safe.

Bat Remediation

Ensuring the welfare of bats, crucial to our ecosystem, we adhere to Game and Fish guidelines, expertly remedying and preventing damage.

Squeaking and chirping? Likely bats! We conduct a thorough inspection from chimney to crawlspace, identifying entry points, damage, and vulnerabilities in your home. Our proposal includes safe eviction methods, repairs for bat-induced damages, and proactive sealing to prevent future infestations.

Loafing denotes repetitive use for rest, eating, and waste, while roosting indicates nesting. Our team meticulously cleans, seals, and employs one-way doors for bat removal. 

Beware of bat droppings which may contain dangerous fungi that can cause severe health issues. Promptly contact us for disinfection and removal.

Wildlife Control

Our technicians collaborate with Game and Fish to trap and relocate common wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, bats, and skunks

Our certified technicians offer comprehensive consultation, inspecting for issues, damage, and wildlife. Following this, we present a proposal detailing solutions.

Adventure Pest & Wildlife focuses on wildlife removal, cleanup, and repairing damages caused. Our exclusion work ensures wildlife stays out, guaranteed for 1 year

With confidence, we resolve wildlife issues by removing and preventing re-entry. Additionally, we specialize in rodent control, providing similar consultations and solutions.

Weed Control

Adventure Pest & Wildlife offers free estimates for weed control. Safe, dual-action products prevent and eliminate weeds effectively.

We tackle weed infestations of any size, from small yards to vast acres, including airports. 

Our services include killing existing weeds and applying pre-emergent to prevent new growth. Pre-emergent effectiveness requires watering within 15 days.

The protocol we follow for the treatment keeps us clear of your trees and bushes and can target weeds in the grass without harming them. For optimal results, treat your yard biannually. 

Contact us for a free quote and long-term treatment plan. Customer satisfaction is our priority—let us know how we can assist you!

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Adventure Pest & Wildlife, Formerly known as Sutton Weed and Pest Control.